Vintage CD

Reel to reel tape recorders


A virtual encyclopaedia of domestic and semi-professional reel to reel tape recorders spanning the ‘vintage’ period from the beginning of modern recording (1940) up until the end of the ‘Golden Era’ (1967). Machines produced by over 130 different manufacturers from all around the world are featured on this CD.


  • over 480 recorders and decks listed
  • more than 2,000 pictures
  • 25 user/service manuals
  • 139 schematic diagrams
  • 145 vintage test reports
  • 125 vintage magazine advertisements and much more.

This CD is compatible with all operating systems.

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Price: $15.95
shipping: $3 within Australia
$25 for the rest of the world incl. UK, USA and Europe

What you get: CD ROM, paper sleeve and how-to-use instructions.

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