The Reel to Reel Resource Centre

Welcome to GET REEL – the original internet resource site for reel to reel tape recording. We have been online since 1997 and have been collecting and collating information about vintage tape recording since that time.

Our two products (below) can be purchased either on a 16GB USB Flash drive or as downloads.

The Ultimate Reel to Reel Tape Recorder Directory

A digital resource of over 1500 tape recorders covering portable, consumer, semi-professional and pro models from 1947 through to the 1980s.

Akai, Ampex, Brennel, Crown, EMI, Ferrograph, Grundig, Lyrec, Magnecord, Nagra, Pioneer, Revox, Sony and 200 other manufacturers.

Thousands of images, specifications and test reports/product reviews from the period. Plus lots more!

Vintage Tape Recorder Magazine Collection

Over 440 Vintage British and American Tape Recording magazines, professionally scanned and converted to PDF format.

Please note: These scans have been created by us, from the ORIGINAL magazines. They have been acquired from us and made available for free on other sites but the quality of these unauthorised copies is greatly reduced.