For more information, email Colin Braddock or telephone 01253345049

Yes, I would like to purchase one or more of the Get Reel CD ROMS.

Please send me the following:

The Vintage CD-ROM £15.00 incl postage

The Contemporary Classics CD £15.00 incl postage
The Just Tandberg CD-ROM £13.00 incl postage
Both the Vintage AND Contemporary Classics CDs £23. 00 incl post incl postage (save £6. 50)

Please send to the following address:

Other instructions
I enclose cheque for £
(please make cheques payable to Colin Braddock)

Fill out this form, print it and send with your cheque to:

Colin Braddock
(The Tape Recorder Centre)
266 Waterloo Rd
Lancashire FY4 3AF