Genuine testimonials from happy customers!

Last updated February 2008

The disk arrived today. Talk about a gold mine. This is IT. Thanks again.
B. Walters Portland, OR

The discs have arrived safely - and I am hugely impressed with the quality, presentaion and sheer volume of information. A real enthusiast's gold mine! Thanks,
Andy (Buckingham UK)

AMAZING! What a great job you have done in compiling this data! I will return!
K. Tyler, Hollywood CA

My Get Reel vintage CD has arrived safely.
Needless to say, I've only had time for a brief look so far, but it definitely looks well worth the price of admission. The period ads give a useful snapshot of their time, and are great fun too.

I was pleased to see all the period articles – and the manufacturer profiles too.

Recently, I had opportunity to visit a vintage radio auction – £40 secured me a fully operational Series Five (Ferrograph).. My resolve had been weakened by browsing all the Ferrographs on the Get Reel CD.

It could have been much worse – there was an immaculate Brennell Mk5M for sale as well, that I did manage to leave behind. Returning home, I read the review of it on the CD, and wished I'd bought it too!

Such is the power of your work – I think I'd better start looking for a bigger house...
Mark Johnson, United Kingdom

I just wanted to write and say that I love how you've put together the CD collection on tape recorders, it has become a faithful quick link on my computer for checking up on circuits and other information. GREAT JOB!!
I look forward to updates as you make them available.

Cheers, Donn Tarris - Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

I received the Tandberg CD-ROM today and it is much than I had hoped for. I was looking for a circuit diagram to resurrect my 40 year old 64X, but a complete service manual---Wow!!! Thanks for the great job of compiling this information. Your other customers might be interested to know that Russell Industries in New York can repair pinch rollers and other rubber parts for these machines.

Thank you very much!

Paul, Wichita, KS

Your CD-ROM compendiums are most impressive...WOW!!! They are very professionally done, stuffed to the
gills with so much invaluable information, yet extremely easy to navigate!
You are to be commended for doing such a splendid job and we definitely appreciate your excellent customer service as well. many, many thanks!!!
Michael & Lynn, Tacoma, WA USA

I love my Get Reel CD!
Erik M, Hudson, NY

The definitive guide to all things reel-to-reel. A network of experts, enthusiasts and correspondents around the world ensure that the information is always accurate and up-to-date. If the information is out there it's on the CDs. An essential buy for any reel-to-reel collector or enthusiast.
Steve D., Leicestershire, UK

The (Contemporary Classics) CD is VERY informative AND entertaining! My compliments to the chef!
Jim P., Canton, MI USA

Thanks and compliments for your work, it is very precious for people who work in the preservation of historical recordings and recorders. Best wishes,
Luca C., Aviano, Pordenone Italy

"... a unique mini-encyclopedia of tape recorder models from around the world, with sufficient information and first class photographs to entice you into finding out more about a particular model or manufacturer. But be warned - it comes with a health warning! Your "other half" may not appreciate your new found love and addiction to this absorbing subject or your rapidly diminishing bank account, courtesy of e-Bay! Highly recommended."
Barry J., East Sussex, United Kingdom

I enjoyed everything about the 'Get Reel' CD, from the wonderful tape reel graphics on the disc to all of those incredible magazine scans.It has provided hours of information gathering pleasure for me! I'm a Wollensak fan. ...and did I mention how impressed I am with your label: it is wonderful to be able to handle a CD that looks and almost feels like a REAL reel of tape..
Joe M., Montgomery Creek, CA USA

A very fine goldmine of info - I'm thoroughly delighted with it. You must have put one hell of a lot of work into creating it - brilliant, worth every penny !!! Already it's helped me buy an old Revox G36, which is very nice. Thanks very much indeed.
Dave M., Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

I must congratulate you on a job well done. What a lot of memories it brings back!
Alan B., Scotland

The Just Tandberg disc was in the morning mail today, 9 June. A beautiful piece of work, I must say. The user manuals on the disc come in especially handy since I'm the proud owner of a 3341X, a 3641XD and a 9141X - none of which were accompanied by a manual.
Jari H., Helsinki, Finland

CD Rom arrived safely today. It is a mine of information. Must have taken ages to produce and is so user-friendly to operate. Thanks again.
Richard B., Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Received your CD-ROM with many thanks. It is really G R E A T !!! Congratulations.
Gianni B., Mombercelli, Italy

I've had a quick browse of the disc and I think you have done a tremendous job. The content and presentation are first class. The user manuals are excellent. I look forward to hearing of any other projects you might embark on. Best regards
Mervyn W., Bangor, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for sending me the Get Reel CD-Rom so promptly.It is superb and it is obvious that you have put an amazing amount of work into it .I know it will be of immense use to me for my collection and for further research. Best wishes,
Richard G., Amesbury, Wiltshire UK United Kingdom

Thanks for the CDROM - it arrived Wednesday last week. It paid for itself straight away. I checked out the details especially for my (Revox) G36. Guess what, when I looked at the circuit diagram and checked against my machine I found I had the valves in the wrong place! There was an ECC81 where and ECC83 should have been (V10 to be precise). Although it always worked OK the sound was always a bit thin with no decent bass when connected up to my Hi-Fi set up. Now all that has changed and it compares now to my much newer B77. I might even suggest that it is better - certainly its much easier to thread a tape though the heads on the G36. I found the content on the ROM really good - its an excellent bit of documentation and the photos etc are of a high quality. Thanks again!
Paul T., Hartford Cheshire, United Kingdom