1955 Grundig TK 820 "Specialist"
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From the 1955 service manual:

The "Specialist" TK 820 is a portable Tape Recorder capable of recording on 1/4" magnetic tape.  The machine is a dual track recorder and is able to record and play back in both directions.  It operates at the two tape speeds of  3¾ ips and 7½ ips.  The Electro-Magnetic change over from track one to track 2 position takes less than one second at 3¾ ips and four seconds at 7½ ips.

Drive is obtained from a split phase induction motor. Input selection selection is made by means of a three-position switch.

Two recording and two erase heads were fitted, offset for the respective upper and lower track positions.

Three loudspeakers were incorporated into the cabinet of the TK820 giving a wide range distribution of all audio frequencies.

There are additional images and a belt configuration diagram for this recorder on the CD-ROM.

Specifications at a glance
TK 820 "Specialist"
Price when new (in the UK)
£102 18s 
Track system
half-track mono
single split phase induction motor
Maximum reel size
Tape speeds
7½ & 3¾ ips
Frequency response ( 3 dB)
7½ ips: 40Hz - 14kHz
  3¾ ips: 50Hz - 8kHz
Valve complement
1x ECC81, 1x EF804, 2x EL42, 1x EM71
Rewind speed
approximately 1½  minutes
three speakers built into cabinet
17 x 17½ x 9½" (432 x 444.5 x 241.5 mm)
approx 46 lbs (21 kg)
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