1968 SERIES 1200-X
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A fully transistorised stereo tape recorder with cross-field bias system, available in either 2-track or 4-track configurations. Three speeds were provided, 7½, 3¾, and 1 ips. A 7" reel capacity and the standard Tandberg 'joystick' control were par for the course.

A double VU meter with indirect illumination was provided for record level indication and there was a four-digit revolution counter (also indirectly illuminated).

Other features included 2 built-in speakers, 10 watts R.M.S. per channel amplifiers, centre channel output, 3-position speaker switch and separate bass and treble controls.

Closely related to the 1600X deck which was the same as the 1200X but without internal amplifier and speakers.

Additional images and a user manual for this recorder are featured on the CD ROM.



Year of manufacture
Track config
4-track stereo or 2-track stereo
Heads (3)
Cross-field bias, erase and record/playback
7½, 3¾, and 1 ips
Frequency response
40 - 22kHz, 40 - 16kHz and 40 - 9kHz respectively (DIN 45511)
40 - 20kHz, 50 - 16kHz and 50 - 9kHz respectively ( 2 dB)
Wow & flutter
0.1%, 0.2% and 0.4% respectively
Mono > 60dB; Stereo > 50dB (at 1,000Hz)
Maximum reel size
single motor for all functions
Signal-to-noise ratio
53dB (4-track); 55dB (2-track)
Record level indicators
Twin VU meter, indirectly illuminated
Audio power output
10 watts per channel R.M.S.
two 4" x 7" internal
Tape counter
4 digit index counter
15½" x 11¾" x 7" (394 x 298.5 x 178mm)
23.3 lbs (10.6kg)