Scott 130 stereo preamplifier (1958 - 1960)
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The Scott 130 was, for a first-generation stereo control centre, quite an advanced piece of equipment with extremely modern styling and years ahead of its time. Features included a tape recording source/record monitor switch, separate bass and treble controls for each channel, a centre-channel output, D.C. heating on low level valve filaments, comprehensive record equalisation, mode indicator lights, built-in electronic crossover and 12dB/octave rumble and scratch filters.

Hi Fi & Music Review Magazine voted it the best stereo control centre available in 1959, saying.." This unit has so much flexibility that it defies adequate editorial treatment", while Radio and TV News wrote... " From all the lab data and listening tests, we are convinced that this is one of the best stereo preamplifiers that we have checked. This particular unit incorporates in one package just about all the features that anyone could possibly desire in a stereo control unit."

This was Scott's first "Stereomaster" product and originally priced at $169.95. Today working examples in excellent condition fetch around $600.

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